WindowsCapture is a simple capturing application that will enable you to scan to either folder or email destination from Windows Operation Systems. This unique application will run as a part of Windows Operation Systems and can be activated by right clicking on Windows Operating Systems interface. By right clicking, WindowsCapture will be shown on the context menu of Windows. This design offers the user the simplest and easiest scanning operation from any of TWAIN compliant scanners of MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices).

Also, you can store multiple numbers of email accounts and choose those stored accounts as sender information. The email editor is available for quick email composition.

The Image Viewer is available so that you can view any image file.

The main feature are

  • Ability to initialize scan operation from anywhere in Windows folder structureScan to folder
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to Email
  • Image file viewer
  • Easy way to setup scan to email account
  • Supporting multiple numbers of email accounts
  • Email editor