Having hard time doing simple scanning? Purchasing a capturing device is the first step for capturing solution. The complete capturing solution requires an application which will satisfy the needs. However, how long would it take for an end user to understand a capturing application? Does any capturing solution powerful enough to satisfy the basic capturing needs yet simple enough for the casual capturing needs? We offer the simplest way for you to start scanning with OfficeCapture. This application will allow you to utilize the capturing device the way you always wanted to.

OfficeCapture is a capturing application designed as add-in software for Microsoft Office® application. By utilizing the most popular office/personal application as a platform, OfficeCapture will enhance the daily usage of Microsoft Office® product by offering powerful capturing option which includes OCR and document composition. Also, OfficeCapture offers the typical capturing application features such as scan to PC, scan to printer and scan to email. This TWAIN supporting application enables a user to scan documents or pictures and to apply them to Microsoft Office® files directly without leaving Microsoft Office® programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

OfficeCapture supports both TWAIN based stand alone scanners or networked capturing devices such as digital copiers or network scanners.

With OfficeCapture, you can accomplish the following :

  • Scan the hard document and open image files on Microsoft Office® application.
  • View the scanned images using Microsoft Office® as main flatform.
  • Two option of viewing document (On-Demand or Default application)
  • Distribute the image via PC, printer and email.
  • Copy the whole or partial images to Microsoft Office® file while working on Microsoft Office® file.
  • Applying OCR to the whole or partial area of scanned images and copy to Microsoft Office® file.
  • Effective way to scan to email by allowing the user to do scanning operation while composing an email.
  • Support various OCR languages