Having a hard time creating the job buttons on your Canon ScanFront? Are you looking for a solution that will maximize your investment in Canon Scanfront products? Do you want a solution that is easy for the user yet powerful enough to deploy into enterprise level environments? Look no further. We are Introducing EasyConnect Plus for ScanFront from Nocson Collaborations, Inc.

EasyConnect Plus for ScanFront is a unique capturing solution specifically designed for the Canon imageFormula ScanFront series. This solution is equipped with a wizard based management tool which will enable the user or IT manager to manage the powerful function s of the ScanFront Series without compromising the user friendliness. Also, with integration to Microsoft sharepoint®, EasyConnect Plus will enable the user to distribute the captured documents into sharepoint® repositories with indexing information. The user will be able to send the image file formats such as TIF, BMP, JPG and PDF (image PDF, searchable PDF and PDF/A). Also, Microsoft Office® files can be converted into PDF for the purpose of archiving.

This ScanFront interface wizard based versatile capturing solution offers various features which will help the end user to increase their productivity in document capturing and archiving into Microsoft sharepoint®.

Based on a ribbon GUI concept, EasyConnect Plus for ScanFront has a similar look and feel of Microsoft Office® products. This familiar GUI and operation will minimize the training time and user resistance of a new solution.

With EasyConnect Plus for ScanFront, you can accomplish the following:

  • Easily scan to my PC operation.
  • Manage Job buttons on the ScanFront device.(create, modify, deploy and copy job buttons)
  • Easily index by using either Zonal OCR or barcode.(Point-And-Shoot)
  • Extensive markup features to collaborate with daily activities.
  • Data look-up function to increase indexing productivity.
  • Provide service agents for back group operation.(Off-line, Scheduled, Watch Folder)
  • Various distribution methods.(scan to file, scan to outlook, scan to SMTP, scan to printer and scan to sharepoint® server)