Take your workplace to the new levels of efficiency with our easy to use document capturing software. EasyConnect is designed for Canon's DR scanner users who
would like to utilize all the powerful collaboration features in Microsoft SharePoint®.

You can readily move or scan image files into Microsoft SharePoint® and share information with others easily and securely. This will maximize the efficiency of your work collaboration.

The main GUI of EasyConnect is similar to Microsoft Office 2007® , so that most users familiar with this application will feel comfortable to use EasyConnect. This software was carefully designed and crafted to satisfy the growing market in
distributed capturing and Microsoft SharePoint® for Canon's imageFORMULA DR
Series scanner line.

Via EasyConnect, users are able to send, along with the index information, existing saved image files or images that are produced from scanned documents to Microsoft SharePoint® Server.

In addition, EasyConnect’s Graphic User Interface (GUI) is designed to be suitable with Microsoft office® products so that the users familiar with the Microsoft office® products will find it easy to use EasyConnect.

EasyConnect is the software designed and developed as a powerful solution to Canon’s ImageFormula DR to be competent in the Microsoft SharePoint® Server and Distributed Capturing markets where they are sharply increasing.

The series of EasyConnect is categorized based on the versions. Please refer to the Main Features Section to view what type of functions each EasyConnect product offers.

† Full licensed EasyConnect will be available for the following Canon imageFORMULA DR-Series scanner models:
P - 150 / P - 208 / P - 215 / DR - C125 / DR - C130 / DR - M140 / DR - M160
DR - 2020U / DR - 3010C / DR - 6010C / DR - 6030C / DR - 7550C / DR - 9050C
DR - G1100 / DR - G1130 / DR - X10C
EasyConnect supports all Canon scanner models.

Download Page for EasyConnect :

If customers having discontinued or new model need full licensed EasyConnect,
Please contact us (